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Our Philosophy

At ipasen we believe that people suffering from mental health issues should be treated with the same dignity, respect and support as any other member of the community. Our facilities and support services are designed to move away from the institutional or clinical feel of traditional respite, towards the self-care and nurturing feel of a high quality day spa for the mind and body.

At ipasen we consider the mental health services we offer with a whole-of-person approach that is tailored to the individual’s needs


  • Orama Institute – Flinders University
  • Sahmri
  • Perma

The Facility and Bookings

  • Our facility is a women only short-stay respite facility that offers women suffering from mental health respite from their day to day
  • This home away from home offers short stays ranging from 1 – 14 days/nights at a time,
  • We offer unique high quality 24/7 support tailored to your needs, with the option of additional support services.
  • These short stays are provided as flexible, high quality support packages including accommodation, food, help with daily living and personal care, and support to participate in other offered support services.
  • We have consulted with leaders in mental health research to ensure that our facilities are considerate of sensory experiences for people with mental health issues.
  • Our facility is a 4 bedroom home that is designed with your experience in mind with queen size beds in all rooms with weighted blankets, aromatherapy and soft calming colour palates used.
  • We have also consulted dieticians, nutritionists and research to ensure all food is prepared considering the critical new understanding that diet is of relevance to mental as well as physical health
  • This service is fundable as Short Term Accommodation under the NDIS